Hot Rods start postseason with loss to Fort Wayne

5 09 2013

The Bowling Green Hot Rods dropped to 0-5 all-time in the postseason with a 6-1 loss to Fort Wayne (Ind.) on Wednesday at Bowling Green Ballpark.
Fort Wayne starter Joe Ross and three relievers combined to one-hit the Hot Rods, who must now win two straight at Fort Wayne to keep their season alive.
Here are post game comments from manager Jared Sandberg and outfielder Marty Gantt.

“Joe Ross is an incredible pitcher. He’s got tremendous stuff. I think when we’ve seen him the three times this year he was working on stuff and developing as a pitcher. He was using his four-seamed fastball a lot. Today he went to his two-seamed fastball – I felt more than normal for him. I know he is a ground ball power pitcher and he got a lot of ground balls today. That was the performance that they needed. Sometimes you run into that.
“In the playoffs the best team on a given day is going to win. Today they beat us.”

on what can be taken from the late mini-rally
“You look at the way the ninth inning went, anything could have happened. I think defensively we didn’t make the plays we needed to make. If we make the plays we should have made that ninth inning is really, really different. That’s frustrating because we’ve played good defense all season long.”

on being down 1-0
“It’s one game at a time from here on out. From out past experiences we know that losing the first game of the series doesn’t mean it is over. It just means we have to win two in a row now. We’ll go tomorrow and give our best effort and see what we can do.”

On the offensive struggles against Ross
“We faced him earlier in the year. He didn’t have maybe his best stuff those couple of times. Tonight he came out there and attacked hitters. He was throwing the ball where he wanted to and had a plus breaking ball to go along with it. You saw what he did to us. He basically just went through our line-up.”

on being down 1-0
“We’ve been doing this for seven months now. (Pitching coach Kyle Snyder) and Jared preach just win the series. We’ve started off three game series with a loss but came back to win two in a row to win the series. It’s the same thing we’re doing now. Its the playoffs and it is a little bit different, but it is basically the same thing. If we go out there and compete like we always have good things will happen.”




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