Five things to take away from the Golden Globes

12 01 2015

The Oscar season officially kicked off with Sunday’s Golden Globes, which is a good precursor for next month’s Academy Awards.
While the Globes won’t influence nominations, which are already in and will be announced on Thursday, it can help shape the winners.
Here is what to take away from tonight’s awards.

1. The Frontrunners are cemented

The major six categories had clear front runners heading into night and their front runner status was validated with wins. I thought Patricia Arquette for “Boyhood” was most vulnerable with Meryl Streep in the category with her, but she passed with flying colors.

2. Boyhood is the clear best picture front runner

Coming into Sunday the feeling was “Boyhood” and “Birdman” were the two main Best Picture contenders, but with “Grand Budapest Hotel” winning best comedy/musical then “Birdman” takes a backseat to “Boyhood.” “The Theory of Everything” likely moves up, but “Boyhood” seems firmly entrenched now.
As for “Budapest,” I think a best picture nomination is coming.

3. Julianne Moore’s time has come
I’ve been a huge fan of Julianne Moore since 1993’s “Short Cuts” and consider her the best actor/actress working to not have an Oscar. That appears to be coming to an end with her work in “Still Alice,” which gave Moore her first Globes win in eight tries on the movie side. Her speech, even pressed for time, was elegant and was a nice audition for next month.

4. Michael Keaton vs. Eddie Redmayne for best actor
It’s now a two man race for best actor. Redmayne’s role is showier, but Keaton has a long career that is respected among industry circles. Add his amazing speech at the Globes and I think Keaton may be closing in on the Oscar.

5. No Common speech
The best speech of the night goes to Common, who along with John Legend won best original song “Glory” from “Selma.” It was touching, inspirational, and elegant. A graceful statement that is an extension of a beautiful film.




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